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Suilad, mellon!
Welcome back to the CoA kin site!

Children of Arda is an RP kinship that supports and encourages the creation of transformative works (fan fiction, fan art, etc.) It is not required that you create works in order to join the kinship, but it is expected that members of Children of Arda will not discourage other members from creating or sharing their works.

Children of Arda also has a number of 'sibling' kinships for RP purposes. In order to be considered for membership in one of the sibling kinships, you must be a member in good standing of Children of Arda for at least one month and petition the leader of that kinship. (Exceptions may be made by the kinleader.)

The Cottage of Lost Play (for characters RPed as children)

The Host of Valinor (military RP kinship)

Magic Kingdom

Rainbow in the Dark (military RP kinship / infantry)

Rider on the Storm (military RP kinship / cavalry)

Rivendell Valley Girls

Something Awesome

The Stag & Star (kinship inn)

We are also allied with

Elkhelm's Court and their community of kinships (The Crafter's Croft, Friends of the Nine, and The Spade)

Darkwood Marauders

Welcome to Children of Arda!
Mae govannen travelers, and welcome to Children of Arda's web-home!

Children of Arda is a friendly and helpful role-playing kin on the Imladris server. We dedicate ourselves to enjoying the game in whatever form we each find appealing, whether that is crafting, hanging out, or leveling - all of course with a healthy dose of role-play on the side.

Children of Arda also hosts 'Arda chat', a custom channel similar to world chat but for RPers. Consider it a safe haven to hang out with friends from our allied kins or our alt kins. RPers from other kins are welcome as well. Arda chat is perfect for finding new people to RP with, but it's also excellent for OOC silliness and relaxing.

We pride ourselves on keeping the game enjoyable and safe; to that end, membership requires that you speak with one of our officers to assure that you're the 'right fit' for the atmosphere we're trying to create, and that we are the right fit for you.

We are also allied with the kin Elkhelm's Court. Their site can be found at:

Thank you for your visit, and we hope to see you in-game soon!

Safe journey,

Officers of Arda
Eledu, Tur of the Children (Kinleader) [alts: Zhie; Valarda]
Melloncolle, Caun of the Children (Second-in-Command) [alts: Vollstag]
Cheyennelynne, Caun of the Children
Fannir, Caun of the Children
Firiun, Caun of the Children
Grannie, Caun of the Children [alts: Culgondrian]
Leofreda, Caun of the Children

(Reserve Officers)
Anariel, Einior of the Children
Grimdan, Caun of the Children
Helegwen, Caun of the Children
Baythul, Caun of the Children
Ellonur, Caun of the Children
Merrila, Caun of the Children
Five Fantastic Steps to Becoming one of the Children of Arda
1. Read our rules. There won't be a quiz, but you're expected to generally know them.

2. Fill out the application here on the site.

3. Send an email to the recruitment officer (zhiester @ letting her know when you usually play (days/times) and the name of the character you wish to be contacted on.


Contact one of the following characters in-game: Eledu, Melloncolle, Cheyennelynne, Culgondrian, Fannir, Firiun, Grannie, Leofreda, Valarda, Vollstag, or Zhie (this version of step three is usually faster)

4. We have a little interview time. This is time not only for us to ask you stuff, but for you to ask us stuff. It's very informal, like a getting-to-know you session.

5. If both parties are feeling good, then you'll be offered an invitation and start as a recruit. (Recruits can move to kinsmember after two weeks once they have a character bio up and have RPed with an officer.)

Hope to see you in Arda soon!
Kin Info
All new members need to review our rules before joining.

A list of current officers can be found here.

Remember we have a probationary period for all new members, and not being familiar with the rules can have negative effects. Especially if Cuddly is hungry that day. >.>
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Update on Transfers

Greetings, CoA! I'll try to make this brief:World Consolodation has begun. To that end, we are beginning migration to the other servers.The cottage of lost play & Magic Kingdom kinships have already been moved to Landroval. Children of Arda... Read More
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