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Amvewe Laergul

Level 24 Elf Minstrel
Played by Cheyennelynne


Amvewe is originally from Lothlorien. Her story is quite the opposite from her daughter's. She was visiting Lindon during midsummer, and decided to walk through the market. It was there she met Celinor, whose eyes she met and never looked away from. It was many years before they married, and yet but weeks when they announced the conception of their only child.
Amvewe was once a free spirit, very kind to all and very difficult to anger. But once the events of Musickiel began to unfold, she hardened. Though she is still kind, she is closed. Sending her daughter away was difficult. But, in the end, for the good of all, including her daughter, it was a necessary thing. Now, 1224 years after Musickiel's departure, she wanders Middle-earth, always in search of her.

Amvewe is said as "Am-vay-way."
Amvewe is currently 6552 years old.
As for her appearance, Amvewe is taller than most of her peers, and has jet black hair.