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Angrost Suriquesse

Level 86 Elf Rune-keeper
Played by dlle16
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Forgetting Where He Is
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Born during five-hundredth and twenty-second year of the Second Age in Mithlond, Angrost was born to two of the Ñoldor fleeing the War of Wrath. Following High-king Gil-Galad, they settled along what remained of the Land of Seven Rivers and sought to rebuild. Although much had been lost, great wisdom had nevertheless escaped the fires in the north, and as a result, Angrost was given a thorough education in all manner of esoteric craft. Spending much of his early life in relative comfort, it was only during the year 1217 that in the pursuit of greater knowledge, Angrost left Mithlond for Eregion. There, he worked alongside his kin under Celebrimbor of the House of Fëanor for many years. It was during this time that Angrost achieved a remarkable expertise in ancient runes, proving himself naturally proficient at mastering their usage. However, the choice to continue his studies in Eregion proved to be unpopular with his parents who, following Gil-Galad's example, mistrusted Annatar and his gifts of knowledge and craft. Nevertheless, it was over 200 years before Annatar revealed himself to be Sauron assuming a fair guise. Having been among those quick to trust Sauron for promise of greater knowledge, Angrost was consumed with grief at this realization.
Fleeing Eregion, Angrost passed through Khazad-dûm into the woods of Lothlórien. There, he spent the remainder of his time studying in solitude under the pale branches of the Galadhrim. Even as Eregion fell, Angrost threw himself into his studies, allowing them to consume him so that he might forget his troubles. It was not until the end of the Second Age that Angrost left the Golden Woods. Returning briefly to Mithlond, Angrost spent many months contemplating leaving Middle-earth for the Valinor. Even as his kin left for the Undying Lands, he sat along the harbor, consumed with indecision. Eventually, Angrost grew tired of gazing out at the sea and resolved to explore Middle-earth one last time before making his decision. Bidding the remainder of his people farewell, Angrost journeyed east to mingle among the mortal races. As his travels took him to farther lands, he found himself enjoying the sights of the road. Thus, he eventually forgot entirely his original intention and now simply travels the world guided by curiosity and wanderlust.
Having been raised in a rather insular environment, Angrost is a master scholar, but perhaps less worldly than most. Long hours spent toiling in front of tomes has left him little time to acquire any real proficiency with weapons, and his curious (some would say naïve) and often scatterbrained nature make him prone to foolish mistakes when faced with practical challenges. Still, Angrost displays an uncommon wit and a warped sense of humor which often makes him seem a little out of place given the severity of many of the situations he manages to find himself in. Similarly, his propensity to daydream often leaves him with an air of pensive detachment (if not outright absent-mindedness) which has been known to cause him to unwittingly offend others. Generally, his presence, while not unwelcome, tends to be a bit of an oddity no matter what the situation. However, this doesn't seem to faze Angrost who sometimes almost seems to enjoy his status as an unconventional eccentric. These qualities can be readily observed even in situations where Angrost is threatened with physical violence. Enemies and allies alike are often left dumbstruck at his battlefield antics which seem to involve a strange combination of runic mastery and sheer, dumb luck; it is unknown which of the two is the greatest contributor to his continued survival.