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Bellaswen Aearadel

Level 75 Elf Champion
Played by Cheyennelynne


With long raven hair and curious blue eyes, Bellaswen can immediately be identified as an elf of Imladris. She has pale white skin and blood red lips that utter the language of her people only once in a while. A blade of Elvish make sometimes sits on her left hip.
In her younger years, Bellaswen's parents begged for her to depart Middle-earth and sail west with them. She refused, desiring to experience and explore the world around her. She lingered in the house of Lord Elrond for years after her parents' departure. Only recently did she leave Imladris to begin a journey and a story all her own. She now wanders Middle-earth with Tirn en Taur, a company of elves, and Culaeron Elurandir, her betrothed.