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Bainith 'Tall-fellow' Proudfoot-Whisperwind

Level 75 Elf Rune-keeper
Played by Zhie (Bainith)
Primary Spec
Snuggling with Ellonur
Secondary Spec
Searching for Valanyonnen
Primary Profession
Secondary Profession
Pastry Chef
He used to <3 Gwyndir, then he <3 Valanyonnen. ^_^ Then Valanyonnen went to search for his daughter (Val's daughter, not Bainith's, 'cause that would be...), and then he was gone a really really really really really long time, then Bainith met Ellonur, who is a terrible influence but looks almost exactly like Valanyonnen, and then they went fishing, and things got complicated. Also, rope. Now, with more Ellonur snuggles.