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Level 69 Elf Rune-keeper
Played by Culgondrian
Primary Spec
Saying something at the wrong time
Secondary Spec
Throwing rocks
Primary Profession
Secondary Profession


Born: Spring 2843 Third Age

Parents: Mother Apsaerediel (Laiquendi hermit), Father Feacollon (Sindar mariner)

Siblings: none

Culgondrian's parents met in Edhellond. Her father was one of the first elves to settle in the haven. Her mother only visited from her home in the wilds to gather supplies and it was on one of those ventures the two met. They lived together, with no built home, only the trees to shelter them along the river Morthond and made contact with others very seldomly. Culgondrian was born and raised along the water under the tree boughs with no interaction with other elves save her parents.

At the age of 50, Culgondrian found herself facing a choice. Her parents longed to sail as many did, the call of the west too strong to ignore. They had waited until she was old enough to choose for herself, but they could wait no longer. Culgondrian chose to remain in Middle-Earth, for she did not yet feel the call. She felt the need to explore this land, the land she was born to, the land in her blood. She felt the darkness touching her as did many other of her kin, and she felt the call to fight it. Wishing to remain in this beautiful middle-earth and battle the shadow until it was extinguished or she was. So she moved uncertainly to the haven to try to learn from the elves who yet remained. Though she had little education or knowledge of the world and found it very difficult to relate the the others.

Her parents left, with understanding and hope to see her one day.

She felt a deep sorrow, but thought it only the lonliness of seperation from her parents. A year after their departure she learned they had never reached the peaceful shores, instead the vessel they had been on had been waylayed, and all those upon it murdered not far from these shores.

Culgondrian retreated back to the forest, earth and rivers she felt flowed through her form. Here she was most comfortable, in the solitude. She still longed to battle the ever stretching shadows, and her grief for her lost parents did not drown her in despair. She knew, they were safe now, together in the halls of Mandos. She lived in hope that someday her mother would emerge to see the unblemished wilds of the undying lands with her father. They would love it there.

Her main issue was that she knew not how to fight the shadow, nor where to begin. She was a child of the river and roots. With a burning temper and chilly glare. Her rage brought sparks to her fingers and her indiffernce chilled the air she breathed. Her concern seemed to mend the broken trees. It was the temperatures and energies she altered with her moods.

One day, as she cooked rations by her fire, a bird swooped in and took them from her. Naturally, annoyed, she chased after the creature and managed to launch off a branch and catch it. The two were wrestling for the rations, the bird having the upperhand, when a lore-master emerged, most bemused at the sight. Her trusted companion playing tug a war with a dirty, tattered elf, and winning.

Perhaps out of pity, or amusement, Zhie became Culgondrian's mentor. She gave her direcection to learn the art of the runes and harness her powers. Trying to teach the uncontrolled ellith to focus and bring out her powers. She also introduced Culgondrian to Mr. Soap and Mrs. hair brush. She is still working on the social aspects.

Culgondrian continues to study on her own. She is still learning her abilities and in time will be a great ruin keeper as she defends the land of her birth from the encroahing shadows with her flame, frost and lightning.

Zhie thought it would be a good idea to join a kin, so she could work on her interactions.

More recently, she has adopted Culgondrian.

Personality: shy at first, but opens up quickly, socially awkward and often says the wrong thing at the wrong time, literal, abrupt and fierce tempered, not overly patient, stubborn, a bright outlook on things, likes the dirt, will often chose the most direct path, a bit reckless, rather youthful, sensitive to how others are affected by her

Why yeoman: Her father was a tailor, plus, she tends to burn her clothes a lot with her fire casting so being able to repair and make them is important. She burns through a lot of energy and thus requires regular meals, so a cook was the natural solution. As for farming, she likes the feel of the earth on her hands and to watch the plants grow. A trait from her mother.

likes/dislikes: plain things, planting, playing in the water and earth, the colour green / the sinister keg, stuffed and mounted animals