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Level 25 Man Captain
Played by Culgondrian
Primary Spec
quiet with responsibility
Primary Profession
Secondary Profession


born: Winter 2995 TA (23 years old)

parents: Mother, Father

siblings: 2 a brother who is sickly, and a younger sister

insigia: an erid luin blue goat facing left with an orange border

Eirswith has lead a rather simple and devoted life. She was brought up with strong beliefs in being honourable and taking responsibility. Her parents own a decent piece of land on the outskirts of Dale, with a small settlement of a few cottages in its bounds. Farmers and craftsmen all. Though no longer Lords, they do have the title in history.

Eirswith is the eldest child of three surviving. Her parents are getting older but still run the farm she is to inherit. Her youngest sibling her sister is a skilled cook and spends most of the time with her mother in the kitchen baking to feed the workers. Her younger brother is and has always been unwell. He is pallid and his body is weak, his mind remains ever young. He is a bright boy and desperately loved by those around him, but he will never be able to run the land. Her parents lost several children either from miscarriages or still birth and it is with great responsibility that the keeping of the family traditions and the running of the farm and those who work and live there fall to Eirswith.

When word of encroaching forces and warnings of the darkness blinking once more to the east came, it was with great care Eirswith chose to travel. With the lives of those few who look to her family as her responsibility, she wished to remain home. But her parents worried of the whispers and could not learn enough from Dale. So, Eirswith set out to learn what she could of what was happening and to fight for her home.

likes/dislikes: a good stew, carving / whining, lying, bullying, loudness

personality: hard working, quiet, dedicated, loyal, honourable, no sense of humour, motivational,

about Stalker:
Long ago there was a Lord of a small croft near the city of Dale, he was kind and fair to those who served him and his farm. They tended goats which became this Lord's emblem. A rugged and stubborn creature that could get its footing anywhere.

In Gondor there was a family, who were con artists. They used their words to manipulate and weave tales until their marks would give up all they owned. They cared not for the devastation they caused these people, often poor and trusting, and the lives they destroyed. They only cared for the thrill of manipulating their earnings and possessions away.

One day this family tried to take advantage of the wrong person. A seemingly harmless elderly man, who leaned on a walking stick and wore a pointed grey hat.

They soon learned otherwise.

They were cursed for their cruelty and abuse of others. Since it was their eloquent tongues which often were the primary method employed in their conning craft, it was their voices which were removed. From that day forth, no member of the line would be able to speak until they had repaid tenfold what they had taken, not with items merely but with feeling. Since the family was quite prolific in their crimes, it has been many generations and the debt is yet to be paid.

The family soon found themselves surrounded by hostile folk. Those who they had taken advantage of, began to find them and demand retribution. Not even those who claimed to be friends to the family cared any longer.

The family was soon as destitute as the victims they once left others as. They found no help nor care for what they had done through middle-earth. They were cast out and chased from every town which they had victimized. They were left with nothing but despair. It was during a harsh winter they found themselves huddled, starving and half frozen by the gates of the property of a unimportant Lord. The crest of a blue goat lovingly carved above the walls.

The Lord invited the family into his modest home and gave them food and clothing and the warmth of his hearth. He felt sympathy for anyone in need, regardless of how they had come to that point. He offered them residence in a small cottage on his land. The family being grateful to the one person who offered them kindness after the cruelty they had offered, vowed to protect this Lord and his kin for as long as their was blood of theirs to protect his.

Time passed, descendents became ancestors. Families moved and shifted. Wars took people and land, peace found new ones.

Eirswith is a descendent of that kind Lord, and her companion Stalker of that con family. He has been her best friend since both could crawl. Though not a skilled warrior he maintains his family's promise to protect hers and she maintains her family's duty to protect those around her. There will always be a member of the family near to see Eirswith safe, even if Stalker is away.

why woodsmen: Farming, tanning hides and harvesting wood are the skill Eirswith was brought up with. The reason she works wood is because of her father. Who can be seen most evenings carving quietly on the front porch while the local children play and the evening community meal is being served. She always enjoys carving beside him.