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Beornfrith Eorlinga

Level 70 Man Guardian
Primary Spec
Secondary Spec
Cracking Orc Heads with my Shield
Primary Profession
Secondary Profession
I do enjoy a hearty dose of Dragon Breath pipeweed as well as Blind Troll Stout Ale!


I was born in Rohan, but vaguely remember my homeland. It is but a fading memory now. I do plan to visit the breathtaking plains and golden halls of my ancestors once again, when my ventures take me there. Since I was raised in Bree I witnessed the growing shadows in every direction. Soon as I could wield a shield I was out trying to make an impact. When I met Aragorn, the Chieftain of the Dunedain Rangers, he led me on the correct path; since then its been a never ending battle for the free-peoples.

I was but a young man when Aragorn trusted me with my first endevour. I was stationed in the North Downs to aid Treslebridge and the Dunedain stationed in Esteldin. Orc invasions had become a daily occurance here and they were in dire need of some assistance. These orcs were like none that I have seen; organized and well supplied. Unlike goblins; orcs need a lot to push them into panic. So I started picking them off slowly; weakening their smaller camps, cutting off their supplies, appearing out of nowhere and challenging their leader. After many months of constant abuse I finally broke the spirits of the invading orcs. The damage the orcs have caused to the North Downs will take some time to heal; which is unfortunate because it used to have some pristene hunting.

Word came from Aragorn that I was to be sent to Evendim; where finding an ancient relic in Annuminas was my primary task. I then met up with many of the Dunedain in Evendim and helped them as much as I could. After a few long months of battling tomb robbers and angry beasts the ruins of Arnor once again became property of the Dunedain. The toughest battles where of course in the battle for Annuminas. Many lives were lost and many ancient relics destroyed. In the end the Silithar remained safeguarded and I personally brought it to Aragorn.

As of late I have been assisting the Iron Garrison with their attempts to retake Moria. This place seems to have an unrelentless, unlimited supply of goblins and orcs. I do hope one day to see Moria restored for the Longbeards, and be able to walk Durins Way without holding my breath.