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Dagthire Gwaew

Level 84 Elf Hunter
Played by dlle16
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The first known mention of Dagthire of Gondolin is in year 472 of the first age. The Battle of Unnumbered Tears had left the Gondolindrim with significant losses and in full retreat, barely making it back to their hidden city. It is recorded that Dagthire lost his way in the mountains near Gondolin during the chaos of the retreat. In those mountains he wandered for many days until his wanderings took him into deeper and deeper places. Alone, he discovered a network of tunnels originally delved by The Petty Dwarves who had long since abandoned it. At the time, he was only a young elf, 39 to be exact, far too young to be taken as a soldier. During the battle, he fought with the House of the Fountain, his kin. He had stolen among Turgon's warriors in order to fight along side his father, who upon returning, learned that his son had disappeared. Although his father and mother survived the war and later went on to sail into the west, Dagthire never saw them again for deep within the caves of ancient dwarves he became lost in the darkness. For uncounted years, he spent time in the depths, hunting creatures which had never seen the light. Dagthire became adept at fighting without the usage of light. Over time, position, sound, touch, these became his primary weapons against the creatures of the dark. In most records it is dictated that some time during the late first age, he found his way out of these caves and eagerly sought his home. However, Gondolin was long gone and upon learning of this, Dagthire began a series of random journeys that would eventually lead him south to Middle Earth. There, he lived a life within the forests and valleys of Arnor although it is said that he journeyed often to other lands far and distant. Perhaps the trait that distinguishes Dagthire most is his lack of contact with the world for thousands of years. As a result, he speaks a dialect of old Sindarin that many of his elven friends find strange. Many customs, stories, and other bits of elvish culture long since abandoned, he clings onto fiercely. He is an expert archer although he never truly completed his training as a young elf. He is described as having unkempt black hair and according to many "A face that is just naturally stoic." The name "Dagthire" is in fact his mother name, given to him on the night he left for Nírnaeth Arnoediad as a foreshadowing to how he would often blind his enemies before attacking them, being used to hunting prey that cannot see. If one were to scrutinize his name, they would find that it can be divided into "Dag-", which is to slay, and "-thir" which is vision or gaze. One would also find that his name was usually followed by the surname "Gwaew", an elvish word meaning "Wind" which he acquired due to his excellent skill at traversing the wilderness with great speed and subtly. He is noted as sometimes behaving rather "un-elvish" with his sarcastic, dry humor and what can almost be considered a sadistic streak. Still, he is known to many as an astute tactician and valuable ally. Now, in the 3rd Age, Sauron's evil and the subsequent destruction of Arnor has led Dagthire to make a reappearance in Middle Earth. Although his fighting skill has diminished without practice, he seeks to right the wrong he originally committed which he describes as "An ignorant child getting lost among rocks, then tripping into a hole, then being stuck in that hole for 200 years."