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Cheyennelynne Seronade

Level 105 Man Lore-master
Played by Cheyennelynne


Cheyennelynne stands at five feet and five inches tall. She has long, red hair that falls just below her shoulders and her face is dusted with light freckles. Her eyes are an emerald green.
Cheyennelynne, preferably known as Chey, was born in Archet in Bree-land and grew up there until was destroyed by brigands. Her father, Ned Pruner, was murdered during the assault. After the attack, Chey and her older sister Valkrey left to begin new lives in other cities while their mother Peg took over as Archet's jailor.
While in Bree, Chey trained as a lore-master and has become a very skilled one. Along the way, she met her husband, Melloncolle, a marchwarden of the Golden Wood. She now spends most of her time at Seronade Manor, their home nestled in Falathlorn, with Silaglaew, their newborn daughter.

Chey is said as "Shay."
Cheyennelynne is said as "Shay-anne-lynne."