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Level 78 Elf Rune-keeper
Played by Ellonur
Primary Spec
Adoring his Growly
Secondary Spec
Cooking his Growly First Age delicacies
Primary Profession
Trying to survive
Secondary Profession
Making money


With bright gold hair and a quick smile, Fimlas can often be found on the flower fields near Bree, where he and Gaurchoth grow numerous bright flowers to sell them on the market or turn them into bright dyes.

He often wears fine clothes of rich fabrics, yet if you were to watch a while you might see him shyly admire himself in a window, as if he were more used to wearing rags than finery. If you have spent some time in Bree, you even might remember him from the Pony, where he had a ready smile for anyone willing to buy him a drink or some food.