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Couple of recent changes to the site....

First, welcome to the new officers of CoA, Ellonur and Baythul. Ellonur is a transfer back from our sister kins, and Baythul has been recently promoted. Congrats!

We also have an officer retirement; Bandoras has decided to spend his time in Rivendell aiding Mr. Bilbo Baggins with his book. We wish Bandoras the best of luck in his adventures. [If you happen to pass through on Landroval, you'll be able to have a cup of tea with him there, though we made him promise to come back for important things, such as weddings and funerals.]

That leads into our next point of order. It seems that poor Bob has died; the funeral will be soon. Until then, we apologize that he is still in the foyer of the kinhouse. You may pay your respects there, or in Angmar, where the funeral will occur. Please send your condolences to Lady Lindethiel regarding the loss of Bob.

We also wish to extend a congratulations to Lord Eledu and Seneschal Gwyndir on their recent adoption of their daughter, Fauneth. The Lord and Seneschal are the leaders of one of our allied kins, and are also former members of the Children.

Finally, there is a Saturday Morning Market being established in Michel Delving. Please share this announcement with anyone you think would be interested. It will run from 10am to Noon [Server time] on Saturdays, just outside of the Auction and Training Halls. Remember that on Saturday nights, there is also a Saturday Night Social hosted by the Darkwood Marauders at their kinhouse.

Until next time,

Have fun, be good, eat pie.

-Mistress Zhie, Caun
There is nothing impossible to him who will try.
--Alexander the Great

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