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#11783752 Nov 22, 2015 at 03:07 PM
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Greetings, CoA! I'll try to make this brief:

World Consolodation has begun. To that end, we are beginning migration to the other servers.

The cottage of lost play & Magic Kingdom kinships have already been moved to Landroval. Children of Arda has been changed to Children of Arda of Imladris, as CoA was taken on the remaining servers. CoA-oI kin has been set up on Crickhollow. If you intend to move there, send a message to Vollstag once you arrive and he will add you to the kinship.

The migrgration of the original CoA here on Imladris will require a few extra days to complete. (translation: we were kinhouse hoarders). Once I have an EtA (I expect sometime during the Thanksgiving break) I will post an update. If you plan to transfer to Landroval before that point and want to join up with an offshoot kin until CoA arrives, please send a message to Unclebill or waltdisney-1 to join the cottage of lost play or magic kingdom (which have been established with their kinhouses in Famburg)
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