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Musickiell gestures to the cart next to her, 'I have emptied out the supply cart to gather any donations given.'
Gilanora says, 'Hello! I have donations as well.'
You point at Wooden Cart.
Firiun-1 hauls a saddle, a blanket, and a brush onto the cart.
Gilanora walks over to the cart and deposits another saddle, some brushes and combs, and a hoof pick up onto the cart.
Musickiell smiles at the two, 'Thank you Firiun, and thank you...?' she pauses unfamiliar with the other attendee.
Musickiell looks behind her to where another had ridden up, 'Hello, are you here for the fundraiser?'
Firiun-1 waves to Wulfjarn.
Gilanora nods to Musickiell. "I am Gilanora."
Musickiell nods to her, 'Thank you Gilanora, and well met.'
Firiun-1 smiles at Musickiel. "I hadn't known you ran a horse rescue. It seems like quite an impressive operation."
Musickiell turns to face Firiun, 'Aye, it is a recent venture I started due to an event I witnessed and took part of some months ago.'
Firiun-1 says, 'I see. It must be quite lucrative! How much does a reconditioned horse go for?'
Gilanora listens and watches the two of them, feeling rather shy.
Musickiell shakes her head, 'I do not look for much money just enough to keep it going. When rehoming one of the horses, I look more for a suitable home, which is my main goal, somewhere where they will be well loved and cared for.'
Firiun-1 raises her eyebrows in surprise. "Really now? You know, you could turn this into a lucrative affair. Make enough to build an even bigger paddock and stables."
Musickiell nods, 'That is what this fundraiser for, to start that ball rolling, when I say it to make a profit is not the most important I do not mean it is not a factor. I truely hope in the future to save enough for a larger facility.'
Firiun-1 says, 'I see. But, have you considered selling the horses for more? It would certainly speed up the process.'
Musickiell nods, 'I have no set price just now, actually, the horses here are my first to be treated. So truely when you asked the price I just did not have an answer for you. Every horse will be a different price so I must see how much they are worth after the end of treatment.'
Firiun-1 says, 'I see, I see. Well, the best of luck to you on your endeavour!'
Musickiell smiles, 'Thank you, and thank you for coming!'
Wulfjarn sits down.
Musickiell turns to the dwarf, 'Hello there, sir dwarf, have you come for the fundraiser?'
Firiun-1 waves to Gilanora. "Hi. I'm Firiun."
Gilanora waves back. "And I'm Gilanora. Nice to meet you." She smiles.
Geonwulf says, 'Hello everyone.'
Wulfjarn says, 'Greetings'
Geonwulf hails Wulfjarn.
Firiun-1 waves to Geonwulf.
Geonwulf bows deeply before Firiun-1.
Gilanora waves to Geonwulf.
Geonwulf bows deeply before Gilanora.
Geonwulf says, 'Is this the place where the Chestnut Horse Festival is?'
Wulfjarn says, 'Yes it is, what brings you here?'
Musickiell smiles brightly at the newcomer, 'Hello! Welcome to the Roasting Chestnut Horse Fundraiser!'
Geonwulf says, 'Well... I just got an invite.'
Geonwulf bows deeply before Musickiell.
Geonwulf says, 'Pleasure to be here.'
You say, 'My name is Musickiel, I am the one hosting this event, and you are...?'
Geonwulf says, 'Geonwulf. Nice to meet you, Musickell.'
Geonwulf says, 'And who are you fine ladies here?'
Firiun-1 turns back to Gilanora. "I'm from the Anduin Vale, where are you from?"
Wulfjarn pulls out a thick black book from a saddlebag and starts reading it as he awaits his turn.
Firiun-1 gives Geonwulf a wink. "Firiun, a pleasure to meet you."
Geonwulf says, 'Nice to meet you too.'
Geonwulf bows deeply before Firiun-1.
Bainith keeps looking at the scribbled address he is carrying until he sees people, then shoves the slip of paper into his pocket.
Musickiell turns again to the dwarf, 'We have not been introduced as of yet, but welcome I am Musickiel.'
Gilanora turns to Firiun. "Gondor, actually. A pleasure to meet you." She nods to Geonwulf. "I am Gilanora."
Wulfjarn says, 'Thank you, Musickiel, I am Wulfjarn'
Bainith waves to Musickiell.
Geonwulf says, 'Nice to meet you, Gilandora. You look so beautiful.'
Wulfjarn says, 'I am at your and your family's service'
Gilanora blushes. "Um, thank you?"
Firiun-1 raises a brow at Geonwulf, and crosses her arms.
Bainith quietly pulls the cart of blankets to the side of the house and unhitches his horse from it.
Musickiell nods, 'Thank you for coming today, I hope you have a great time, would you care for some ale?'
Geonwulf says, 'Sorry about that. I just got into "Love-land" for minute.'
Wulfjarn That would sound lovely, thank you
Firiun-1 says, '"Love-land"?'
Bainith shifts over near the steps, clutching a large satchel.
Geonwulf says, 'Oh never mind.'
Geonwulf says, 'You'll find out soon enough.'
Geonwulf coughs.
Musickiell looks over as another walks up, 'Bainith! What do you have there? And welcome!'
Firiun-1 waves to Mumma.
Geonwulf says, 'Who is that?'
Bainith lifts up the satchel. "Pipeweed. Hullo."
Mumma waves to Firiun-1.
Wulfjarn smacks his lips "Ahhh that was a good one"
Firiun-1 says, 'Hello! I'm Firiun.'
Musickiell smiles brightly, 'Ah yes! Thank you for that, I had a small harvest this year, I am grateful to you for sparing some of your own.'
Mumma gives Musickiell a polite curtsey.
Wulfjarn closes his book and tucks it away in his saddlebag
Mumma scolds Bainith.
Geonwulf says, 'What was that you were reading?'
Bainith holds out the satchel to Musickiel. "Mumma made a pile of blankets for your horses. Eledu made the cart; he said you can keep it."
Mumma says, 'You didn't tell how many hills there were in this neighborhood, Bainith'
Bainith says, 'Sorry, Mumma.'
Wulfjarn says, 'It was my wife's favorite book. I carry it around with me as a memento. It's a book of poetry in Sindarin'
Musickiell blinks as another small figure appears before her, 'Bainith, is this your sister?'
Geonwulf says, 'Nice.'
Mumma giggles uncontrollably.
Geonwulf drinks to Wulfjarn's health.
Bainith says, 'Erm, no. This is my gammer, Maribelle Proudfoot.'
Firiun-1 says, 'Are you a horse breeder, miss Gilanora?'
Bainith says, 'Mumma, this is Miss Musickiel.'
Wulfjarn says, '"And to yours, Geonwulf" *drinks the last of his ale*'
Mumma says, 'Pleased to meetcha, Miss'
Gilanora says, 'Hardly. Just enjoy their beauty and usefulness.'
Musickiell smiles, and gives a deep bow, 'It is an honor to meet the gammer of someone we all hold dear.'
You bow deeply before Mumma.
Mumma smiles at Musick
Bainith blushes.
Firiun-1 says, 'I see, I see. I was hoping I might meet someone of high repute, as my horse has been fairly ornery lately.'
Gilanora says, 'Your horse? Perhaps Musickiell might be willing to help.'
Musickiell looks over at the mention of her name, 'I am willing to help with what?'
Mumma says, 'Well, I'm gonna rest my feets if ya don't mind'
Mumma sits down.
Bainith pulls two pipes from his satchel and begins to fill them with pipeweed. "Of course, Mumma. That was a long journey for you, I reckon."
Firiun-1 says, 'Oh, just my horse. I think she's in heat, as she's been chasing off in random directions towards towns lately.'
Musickiell smiles, 'Are you speaking of the horse you rode here today?'
Bainith nods polite greetings to the others around. "Mighty nice of everyone to help Miss Musickiel out."
Firiun-1 says, 'Yes ma'am.'
Geonwulf agrees with Bainith.
Geonwulf says, 'Quite right.'
Bainith holds one of the pipes out to Mumma.
Musickiell raises an amused brow, 'The one who is currently loose in my yard, where my stallion Artorious resides, and happens to be loose in the large paddock over there?'
Geonwulf chokes on his pipe smoke.
Mumma smiles & takes the pipe
Firiun-1 says, 'Yep!'
Firiun-1 says, 'Hope you like foals.'
Geonwulf chokes on his pipe smoke.
Musickiell smirks, 'I hope you realize how true your statement is, a mare in heat around a stallion... nothing stands between them, not even a fence.'
Geonwulf says, 'Sorry I don't smoke much.'
Bainith notices the man choking on his pipe. "Here. Try some of this," he suggests, taking a pouch from his satchel and passing it to him.
Mumma sits down.
Firiun-1 says, 'Well, I suppose I'll avert my eyes and then she won't be so ornery?'
Geonwulf says, 'Thanks that helps very much.'
Wulfjarn looks over and murmurs "I hope she has a spare horse"
Bainith says, 'I find some of the fields are rocky in Bree, and it affects the crops. I only grow my pipeweed in the Shire.'
Musickiell sighs, 'Well hopefully the colors of their hides do not clash too terribly on the children.'
Mumma takes notice of the armored Man & Dwarf and asks "So are you fellas in a military company?"
Geonwulf says, 'Nope. Not exactly.'
Geonwulf shakes his head 'no' to Mumma.
Wulfjarn "Hello madam. No, I was freelance but I'm considering retiring from that profession for the sake of my children"
Geonwulf is surprised by Wulfjarn.
Geonwulf says, 'You guys have kids?!'
Bainith says, 'Now'days, most everyone outside the Shire wears armor on account of the orcs and brigands, Mumma.'
Mumma says, 'Ah, I actually went the opposite direction, good Sir, I learned how to fight....a little to protect mine'
Wulfjarn laughs out loud "Yes Dwarves have children."
Firiun-1 says, 'Well, I'll be sure to bring the foal back here, seeing as it's your stallion, and you've got a whole operation here.'
Geonwulf says, 'Very surprising.'
Mumma says, 'I've heard of the brigands around here, awful folk'
Bainith packs his pipe again. "Do Dwarf children get born with beards?" he asks curiously.
Musickiell nods, 'I could train it from the ground up, possibly have him conditioned for Elkhelm's Court.'
Wulfjarn says, '"Why so surprising? Did you think we sprang from stone?"'
Geonwulf says, 'Yea. The Blackwolds are idiots.'
Mumma says, 'I thought maybe you two were engaged in scarin' 'em off'
Geonwulf shrugs.
Wulfjarn nods at Bainith "Yes, both male and female children."
Wulfjarn says, '"Well madam, that's not a bad idea. That would give me something to do if I retire from being a freelance mercenary."'
Bainith grins. "Hobbit children get born with footfur," he says.
Geonwulf says, 'Interesting.'
Wulfjarn chuckles "That doesn't surprise me about the footfur."
Mumma says, 'There's a hornets nest of 'em in the Shire could use a darn good thwacking, too'
Geonwulf chuckles.
Firiun-1 says, 'Sounds quite profitable, I think that sounds like the best option.'
Mumma smiles at Geonwulf
Musickiell nods, 'I have another here I plan to do the same with. Now if you would excuse me, I must start the offical elements of this party.'
Mumma says, 'Oooh, fancy'
Firiun-1 says, 'Have fun!'
Wulfjarn says, '"So any of you have travelled to Rohan?"'
Mumma says, 'Party elements'
Musickiell turns and moves to the middle of the two groups, 'Everyone! May I have your attention?'
Geonwulf says, 'Nope. The farthest I traveled is all the way to the Misty Mountains.'
Mumma says, 'Rohan? Gracious....I kind of wish, but no'
Firiun-1 looks at Musickiel.
Geonwulf looks at Musickiell.
Wulfjarn looks over at Musickiel
Mumma looks at Musick
Musickiell clears her throat, and then raises her voice, all her years of training helped her to prepare for moments like this, 'EVERYONE! Please may I have your attention!?'
Bainith says, 'Rohan is plenty dangerous. Would not recommend it without a... oops/.'
Geonwulf says, 'Look more guests.'
Bainith waves in greeting to the newcomers.
Eryngil waves to Bainith.
Musickiell looks over at the newcomers, 'Hello! Welcome! Any donations may be placed in the cart! We are just about to begin the tour, so please gather around here when you are done!'
Geonwulf waves to Eryngil.
Geonwulf waves to Adrie.
Eryngil gives a puzzled look. "A tour, is it?"
Wulfjarn makes a note of the cart so he could drop off his donations before he took his leave
Musickiell nods, 'Just an official thing, we will continue the party after.'
Geonwulf says, 'Hmm. Facinating.'
Eryngil wonders what these folks want. "Just what sort of donations are you needing?"
Bainith continues to pack his pipe while listening from a bit of a distance.
Musickiell raises a brow, 'You do know what this event is, yes?'
Eryngil has no idea.
Geonwulf says, 'You know I have a chestnut horse myself.'
Eryngil says, 'Oh my, yes! He was a delight.'
Musickiell smiles patiently, 'This is the Roasting Chestnut Horse Rescue Fundraiser. Any supplies or monetary donations are accepted.'
Geonwulf says, 'This is Forsen.'
Geonwulf says, 'My Chestnut Horse.'
Bainith nods. "A very fine horse," he says.
Adrie says, 'Tha's a fine one, t'be sure.'
Geonwulf says, 'Beauty is he?'
Bainith says, 'Indeed.'
Musickiell looks away from the two, 'Now, let us begin...'
Eryngil is distinctly puzzled. "Roasting Chestnut Horses? Don't know if I like that..."
Bainith hears the comment and chokes on his pipe.
Wulfjarn hides a grin behind one gauntleted hand
You say, 'I would like to thank all of you for coming. I know it was a rather last minute request to have you all here, but I assure you it was not without cause. I welcome you here to the Roasting Chestnut, a startup venture of mine hoping to help the steeds of middle earth, those that are not in the best hands and those that simply need a better home.'
Mumma says, 'Is this the kinda roast where ya insult someone, but its all in fun?'
You say, '((tug, fan?))'
Geonwulf says, 'What a good cause.'
Adrie says, 'Ah! Tha's a real good cause, aye.'
Firiun-1 says, 'No, I think it's the kind of roast where we glaze the horses with broken legs.'
Bainith shakes his head. "I doubt it, Mumma," he whispers.
Mumma says, 'Goodness!!'
Geonwulf says, 'Hmph.'
Mumma says, 'I ain't glazin' a pony for supper'
Musickiell shakes her head at some of the comments, 'Now, if you would follow me, I will introduce you to the current residents of this small rescue. We currently have a full house, with all four of our stalls occupied.'
Firiun-1 says, 'Maybe more stalls will open up when dinner arrives!'
Wulfjarn raises an eyebrow "Just four stalls?"
Mumma says, 'Are you from Far Harad?'
Bandoras wonders why everyone always leaves when he arrives
Bainith wrings his hands with concern, then his eyes widen when he sees who arrives. "Oh, dear..."
You say, '((has anyone here not seen the map?))'
Mumma waves to Bandoras.
Bandoras tugs on the hem of Bainith's shirt.
Eryngil says, '((not us!))'
Bandoras grins.
Geonwulf says, 'I looked at it.'
You say, '((give me a mo))'
Bainith slowly looks down. "Hullo, Mister Fortunefoot."
Bandoras winks at Mumma. Interesting.
Mumma says, 'I know you, don't I?'
Mumma says, 'Hmmm'
Bandoras says, 'You might. A lot of ladies do. Are you familiar with the term cougar?'
You say, '(('
Mumma says, 'Is that another term fer a snot?'
Mumma says, 'Excuse the crudity'
Bandoras looks at Bainith with a grin, "I like 'em saucy."
Bainith says, 'I reckon I do not, but I rather not reckon I do. Mister Fortunefoot, this is my gammer. Mumma, this is Bandoras Fortunefoot.'
Bandoras says, 'Oh.. OH.'
Bandoras says, 'Ma'am.'
You say, 'Currently, the stable can only house four, and all are rather human shy so please line up against the wall. I do not wish to alarm them too greatly.'
Mumma says, 'Saucy? That lady o're theres gonna roast a pony....sauce or no!'
Bandoras says, 'Horse meat? Yuck.'
Wulfjarn simply watches them with a little smile on the corners of his bearded lips
You say, '((wall between the cedar and yule tree))'
Mumma points at Firir
You say, '((in front of me))'
Mumma points at Firiun-1.
Bainith fills his pipe again and watches the others going into the stable.
Bandoras leans over to Mumma, "Mrs. Proudfoot," he whispers. "I'm so confused. What's happening?"
You say, 'From left to right we have two mares, a gelding, and a young colt reside here.'
Bandoras says, 'SIDEKICK! C'MON!'
Mumma says, 'Well that's two of us, young man'
Firiun-1 smiles at the horsies.
Bandoras beckons to Bainith.
Bainith says, '...shit.'
Bandoras says, 'You know the blond elf? Wait.. hold on.'
Adrie rolls her eyes at Bandoras, then smiles at the horses.
Bandoras says, 'YOUR GAMMAR?'
Musickiell sighs, 'Please, I ask you be quieter, these horses are not currently able to handle such suddenly loud voices.'
Wulfjarn says, 'Did you geld him?'
Bainith says, 'Yes. My Gammer.'
Bandoras is paying no attention to anyone but himself, as usual.
Musickiell shakes her head, 'It was done so before he was brought here. I will explain more in a bit.'
Bainith says, 'The lady who raised me. So please do not try to take her home; my gaffer'll be awful upset.'
Eryngil leans close to Adrie and whispers in her ear.
Bandoras says, 'Lads before ladies, m'friend.'
Wulfjarn says, '"Well he'll make a fine riding horse in due time"'
Bandoras says, 'Still if that you're gammer, that had to hurt.'
Musickiell ignores the two, but is prepared to bring out her hammer if they become rowdy once more. 'Anyway, the mares are Lithes and Lithel, sisters.' she points to the two, they were tan with white splotches and scars in various places. The whites of their eyes could be seen due to all the people.
Geonwulf says, 'Nice. Nice.'
Wulfjarn frowns upon seeing the scars and shakes his head
Bainith blinks. "No, Mumma was quite kind in bringin' me up. She had practice with the first thirteen before me. 'Sides, I was pretty well beha--" He pauses and rolls his eyes. "I was adopted. Obviously," he hisses.
Adrie says, 'Scars...? Who th'... uhm.'
Bandoras says, 'Hey, I'm not judging. I've seen stranger stuff.'
Geonwulf looks around.
You say, 'Their previous owners ran afoul of bandits, who decided that in punishment for their actions that burning the farm was the best option. As you can see both of these girls have some physical scars from falling enflamed debris, as well as some breathing problems, and are being treated for each individual health concern. I hope to help them recover from this trauma as currently +'
You say, '+ neither of them are trusting of anyone but each other.'
Wulfjarn simply nods as he listens
Bandoras is about to speak up regarding defending a lady, but then realizes the elf is talking about horses.
Geonwulf says, 'Those bandits sounded like idiots.'
Adrie nods slowly, and murmurs, 'At leas' they 'as each other, then.'
Bandoras leans over, whispering. "So, Mrs. Proudfoot - did you know your son is destined to be a great adventurer the likes of Bullroarer Took and Mad Baggins? He's my sidekick."
Bainith starts to practice making smoke rings go right between the feathers on Bandoras' hat.
Musickiell gestures next to the gelding, who was black as night but rail thin with a protruding spine and hipbones. His joints were enlarged, especially his hind fetlocks which were enormous and painful looking.
Mumma says, 'Oh, really now?'
Eryngil is happy to see that Bree folk care about horses as much as she does. "These days are tough on all of us."
Bainith says, 'Oh, um... about that... maybe I should just be your sidekick when you are in Bree.'
Bandoras says, 'Oh nonesense. All the way to the Black Lands, Blondie.'
Mumma says, 'I found lil' Bainy in the Lone Lands, last time he was misplaced....didn't see there, my dapper young Dan'
Bandoras stifles a giggle, "Bainy?"
Bainith chuckles with uncertainty. "Yeah... so... yeah, no Black Lands for me," he mutters, cheeks bright.
Mumma says, 'Well, he ain't so lil' anymore but, s'what I still call him'
You say, 'The gelding here is Mornor, he resided in Bree town until just two weeks ago. A kind citizen liberated him from a terrible home, where as you can see he was poorly neglected. He has improved tremendously since then, and just yesterday let me stand beside him whilst he ate.'
Bandoras says, 'Yep. We're going to put a sword of Westernesse Steel and a coat of True Silver on him. He's going to lead a vangard the likes of which haven't been seen since the old days.'
Geonwulf says, 'Well that sounds like he likes you. Well, in a friendly way.'
Bandoras says, 'Versus likes me in a...?'
Musickiell finally gestures to the last stall, where a small nuzzle could be seen poking out over the door.
Adrie says, 'Th' poor thin'.'
Mumma says, 'Now, I know yer joshin'......Bainith in a suit o' mail...'
Bandoras says, 'Oh, it's happening.'
Bandoras says, 'A corslet of True Silver. Bainith Silvercoat they'll call him.'
Bainith tries to hide his face behind a cloud of smoke.
Mumma shakes her head at Bandoras in disbeleif
Eryngil shakes her head in disgust. "How can anyone treat a living creature in such a manner?"
Bandoras says, 'I'm serious.'
Firiun-1 says, 'Well, I suppose down the road it'll be rescues from orcs, which...isn't a pleasant thought.'
You say, 'Finally we come to our youngest resident, the dark bay colt that has temporarily been christened Lobordir. He was simply born into a home that has no room for him. He will be trained and hopefully be rehomed with a friend of mine, who I believe has a need for battle trained horses.'
Adrie says, 'Ah. Tha's good. Someone wha'll 'preciate 'im.'
Geonwulf says, 'Well hopefully he'll like your friend's home.'
Eryngil says, 'Horses are born to work. We just make sure they're givne the best care.'
You say, 'Now let us not spend any more time here, for the large number of people here is starting to make our residents anxious in an unhealthy way. Let us make our way over to the front yard where I have the supply cart.'
Adrie nods. 'Aye.'
Bandoras says, 'How was the elf?'
Bandoras winks at Musickiell. Interesting.
Musickiell ignores the wink, and says, 'Before we continue, does anyone have any questions?'
Bandoras raises a hand.
Musickiell sighs, 'Yes, little one?'
Bandoras raises it eagerly
Bandoras says, 'Ma'am, are you tired? You look tired.'
Bainith stuffs some extra pipeweed into his pipe.
Musickiell raises a brow, 'No I am not.'
Bandoras says, 'You must have some endurance, because you been running through my mind all night.'
Bandoras starts flirting with Musickiell.
Musickiell rolls her eyes, 'Anyone else have a question?'
Bainith says, 'Or maybe just doing laps around the brim of the hat...'
Bandoras raises a and
Geonwulf says, 'Question?'
Adrie raises her hand.
Musickiell looks to the woman, 'Yes?'
Bandoras keeps holding his hand up. "Oooh! Ohh!! Oooohh!"
Adrie says, 'Is four all you figures on takin' care of, or is you plannin' to expand if'n y' gets the funds?'
Bandoras realizes she's ignoring him. He moves in for a better view.
Bandoras leans over to Bainith, "Help a hobbit out."
Musickiell continues to ignore the halfling, 'I do plan to expand, hopefully in three months time if all goes well.'
Bainith sighs and raises his hand, still smoking the pipe with the other.
Geonwulf says, 'Question?'
Adrie nods with a small smile. 'Good t' 'ear.'
Eryngil is pleased to see some sense among Northerners.
Musickiell nods, 'Yes, Geonwulf?'
Adrie looks over toward Genwulf.
Bainith keeps his left arm raised up.
Geonwulf says, 'Um... yes. Do you think your horses will like their new homes?'
Musickiell smiles, 'I do hope so, I do extensive research before letting them go to new owners.'
Geonwulf says, 'Well that's good.'
Musickiell looks over to Bainith, '...yes...?' worried that his question was not his own.
Bainith motions down to Bandoras. "Mister Fortunefoot has a question.
Geonwulf chuckles at Bainith.
Bandoras quickly pipes in "Are those leggings made of mithril sweetheart? Because that caboose is worth more than all the wealth of the Shire!"
Bainith says, 'And I want to apologize bef-- eh, too late.'
Geonwulf laughs at Bandoras.
Bandoras starts flirting with Musickiell.
Geonwulf laughs at Bandoras.
Musickiell raises a brow, 'I ask that you refrain from such remarks, else I will have you removed from the property.'
Bainith shrugs at Musickiell.
Mumma says, 'Gonna need a ladder, young fella'
Bainith says, 'Guess it was not about the horses.'
Bandoras leans over to Bainith. "She wants me."
Bainith packs another pipe. "Oh, obviously."
Bandoras says, 'Nah, Ms. Proudfoot. The view is good from here.'
Mumma whispers to Band 'She could rest her teacup on yer head, while you...nevermind!"
Mumma blushes crimson red.
Bandoras says, 'Saucy.'
Firiun-1 gives Mumma a surprised look.
Musickiell sighs, 'Now... let us move on. I, with the help of my personal steed Artorious, pull this cart to Bree and back periodically. I have met some residents there who regularly donate hay and grain when they can spare it. I have also met some blacksmiths who provide me with scrap metal and a tanner who gives extra leather strips.'
Bainith blushes as well.
Bandoras thinks to himself, but shows a rare moment of restraint.
Geonwulf says, 'And what do we do while yu are doing that?'
Bandoras says, 'I plan on walking behind her, enjoying the view.'
Bandoras says, 'Smooth like butter.'
Musickiell looks over, 'I do not intend to do so now... I am simply explaining some of what is done here.'
Mumma says, 'Saucy'
Bandoras leans over to Bainith. "Be right back."
Bandoras writes down the address.
Bainith glances over his shoulder with concern.
You say, 'Now, if you would follow me this way we have one more stop.'
Bandoras says, 'Lead the way...'
Bainith takes the scrap of paper with the address from his pocket and hands it to Bandoras. "An extra just in case."
Bandoras says, 'Yeah///'
Eryngil kisses Adrie.
Bandoras says, 'Gotsta be True Silver there.'
Bandoras looks from Gilanora to Musickiell.
Bandoras says, 'Hey, how YOU doin'?'
Bandoras starts flirting with Gilanora.
You say, 'Over here on the northern part of the property have made use of this structure and have hired guards to watch over the place in the night when I am not present. And to our left here is the large paddock, where you can see Artorious at the far end.'
Bandoras says, 'Why are your guards dancing?'
Gilanora is tempted to slap Bandoras with a fish, but she does not have one handy, so instead she sighs and facepalms.
Bainith leans over to Bandoras. "Perhaps this was the one running through your mind," he whispers helpfully.
Bandoras points at Guard.
Musickiell smiles, 'Well it is a party after all...'
Bandoras says, 'Yeah it is...'
Geonwulf says, 'Well my solider wants to join. LOL.'
Bandoras says, 'So... what's your name?'
Bainith says, 'Is this the part where we dance and such, then?'
You say, 'And that is all for our tour, any more questions before you are too intoxicated to remember?''
Bandoras and cries out "I do! I DO!"
Musickiell sighs, 'Yes. Halfling?'
Bainith points to Bandoras. "Right over there."
Mumma says, 'Halfling?!'
Bandoras bows before the elf, "I don't have a question, I just wanted to say what a kind and generous thing you're doing here."
Musickiell smiles, 'Thank you.'
Bandoras says, 'So...'
Bandoras says, 'Wanna dance?'
Geonwulf sighs at Bandoras.
Mumma says, 'Halfling? Half a what? I'd like to know'
Mumma says, 'Hmmph'
Wulfjarn says, 'It's just a term that Elves use for your people, madam'
Musickiell looks over at Mumma, 'I apologize if I offend, it is a rather common term where I come from...'
Bainith narrows his eyes at the Halfling remark.
Bandoras says, 'Ahem.'
Eryngil slips her fingers into Adrie's and leans against her. "You always say the nicest things."
Bandoras says, 'I'll take your lack of negative repsonse as a yes.'
Bandoras begins dancing with Musickiell.
Mumma says, 'I know, Men use it too'
Mumma says, 'And he was being forward'
Musickiell steps back, 'Let us move back to the house now.'
Bainith says, 'No. Elves say Perian. We are Hobbits, not 'Halflings'... Halfling means a 'half-man'. Quite derogatory.'
Firiun-1 watches Bandoras for a moment, then decides to excuse herself before she becomes the next target.
Bainith continues to glare at Musickiell.
Bandoras says, 'Where ya going?'
Bandoras says, 'Snowy.'
Bandoras says, 'How YOU doing?'
Firiun-1 grabs for Bandoras' hat.
Bandoras says, 'ACK!'
Musickiell gestures to the door, 'Please, come in all of you.'
Geonwulf says, 'Wow!'
Geonwulf says, 'Nice place you have here!'
Bainith leans down. "Mumma, are we actually staying? After that rude remark?" He looks aghast.
Eryngil checks out the very practical interior. "Very rugged but still nice."
Musickiell moves to Bainith, 'I do not believe you realize, I had a sheltered lifestyle, both terms were used around me.'
Mumma looks up at Adrie "Those are pretty daggers! I had no idea weaponry could be designed ladylike"
Eryngil sneaks over to the large room to check out the bed.
Wulfjarn agrees "Quite simple but home like enough, I reckon"
Adrie smiles down at Mumma. 'Thank y'! Aye, they can be.'
Bainith gives Musickiell another glare and wanders off to find Bandoras.
Eryngil nudges Adrie gently. "Not as fancy as ours but still very comfy looking."
Bainith slams the door behind him.
Mumma says, 'I'd like a sword pretty like that....but, don't tell my son!'
Adrie chuckles softly. 'Not a word to 'im, ma'am!'
Mumma says, 'Mushrooms'
Geonwulf says, 'Nice.'
Mumma points at Black Mushroom Pot.
Musickiell shrugs and turns to the others, 'Please be merry, I have provided food, pipeweed, and ale for all sat upon the red chest. I will also entertain you with music to dance to.'
Wulfjarn says, 'They look rather black. Might not be safe to eat'
Eryngil searches her memory. "Didn't we have a spake keg?"
Mumma says, 'I hope there are some that are then'
Bainith peers over the top of Bandoras' head. "Wow."
Gilanora begins dancing with Musickiell.
Eryngil begins dancing like an Elf!
Mumma says, 'Say, your people must grow some AMAZING 'shrooms in your caves, I'll bet'
Adrie says, 'Mm. If'n we's goin' dance, oughta get where we can 'ear 'er better.'
Wulfjarn begins dancing the Jig!
Bainith watches Bandoras scoot off, then looks to the lady. "Sorry 'bout that," he says.
Geonwulf begins dancing!
Adrie begins dancing like an Elf!
Bandoras points at the bed, "That's where the magic happens."
Eryngil begins dancing with Adrie.
Wulfjarn begins dancing like a Hobbit!
Bandoras says, 'Hobbit sized bed.'
Bandoras says, 'Bear skin rug.'
Bandoras says, 'Warm fireplace.'
Adrie claps for Musickiell.
Bandoras says, 'Yeah, she wants me.'
Adrie begins dancing around like a woman.
Eryngil begins dancing with Adrie.
Bandoras says, 'Hey ladies...'
Bainith scratches the back of his head. "I reckon I fell into a trap or somethin'. He keeps callin' me his sidekick, and I feel a bit responsible in keepin' him away from the Magistrate..." He holds out his hand. "Bainith Proudfoot. Pleased to meet you, miss. Sorry for the trouble."
Adrie says, 'Mm?'
Wulfjarn begins dancing like a Dwarf!
Mumma begins dancing!
Bandoras winks at Musickiell. Interesting.
Wulfjarn begins dancing like a Dwarf!
Gilanora begins dancing!
Wulfjarn begins dancing like a Hobbit!
Bainith groans. "Unfortunately maybe, but I certainly hope not."
Mumma cheers at Wulfjarn.
Bandoras lays down on the bed. He's a patient hobbit. She'll be along shortly.
Mumma begins dancing!
Mumma begins dancing!
Mumma begins dancing!
Adrie begins dancing around like a woman.
Wulfjarn begins dancing like an Elf!
Mumma begins dancing!
Bainith glances to Bandoras. "I will help her steal the hat if you pester Miss Fidhara again."
Eryngil finds her cape too hot for location. "I can show off more and be 20 percent cooler"
Wulfjarn begins dancing like an Elf!
Adrie begins dancing like a Dwarf!
Eryngil begins dancing with Adrie.
Wulfjarn begins dancing like a Hobbit!
Mumma cheers at Wulfjarn.
Mumma begins dancing!
Eryngil begins dancing like an Elf!
Mumma begins dancing!
Bainith looks back. "No."
Adrie begins dancing with Eryngil.
Musickiell speaks as she plays, 'If anyone in donating in monetary form, now would be the time to do so.'
Bainith sighs.
Geonwulf says, 'How do we donate?'
Bainith glances at Bandoras. "He is kind of cute, but the name is a turn off for me."
You say, '((just say how much you are donating in rp form....though if you want to give me gold i accept that too ;p))'
Eryngil claps for Musickiell.
Bainith winks at Bandoras. "Someday, you'll figure it out, I reckon."
Geonwulf says, 'I'll give you 1 gold, 6 silver, and 3 copper.'
Mumma begins dancing!
Wulfjarn lets out a big yawn.
Adrie says, 'Does y' need work done wi' them metal scraps an' leather bits? Or mebbe more o' the same? Or is gold better?'
Eryngil begins dancing with Adrie.
Wulfjarn says, 'My apologies, but I best be getting home to my children."'
Musickiell nods as she plays, 'I have a pot on the table near me for coin.'
Geonwulf says, 'Good luck.'
Adrie begins dancing around like a woman.
Geonwulf says, 'Um... what pot?'
Eryngil says, 'I've got plenty of hides to spare and the skill to make horse tack.'
Eryngil begins dancing with Adrie.
You say, '((its imaginary like the stable))'
Geonwulf says, 'Oh... so that's why I can't see the horses.'
Musickiell nods to the woman, 'Thank you, all is welcome.'
You say, '((you know this is an rp event yes?))'
Mumma says, 'Mr.Dwarf disappeared like a shadow in the night'
Geonwulf says, 'Right. So do I trade you the money?'
You say, '((you dont actually have to trade money i was kidding its figurative))'
Geonwulf says, 'Oh.'
Bainith crosses his arms over his chest and lifts a brow.
Geonwulf says, 'I'm going to go outside.'
Musickiell nods.
Mumma says, 'keep an eye on my Bainy'
Mumma is apprehensive of Seer's Orb.
Mumma encourages Seer's Orb to stay calm.
Bainith bows deeply before Indrala.
Mumma is calm.
Bainith points at Indrala.
Mumma shivers for a moment.
Musickiell looks around, 'Looks like we are done for the night, yes?'
Eryngil searches her pouches for her excess coins. "These should help with your work."
Mumma says, 'My son & them other rascals are out front'
Adrie says, 'Migh' be. Be sure'n check y' bed afore y' goes t' use it.'
Musickiell nods, 'Mumma, do apologize to Bainith for me, I do not believe he will speak to me just now.'
Indrala says, 'excuse me, I am seeking a horse of mine that would have been found wandering the trollshaws, black, with a black saddle and reigns'
Adrie makes her way over to slip some coins into the pot. It's not quite clear where she had them before they drop in.
Musickiell looks over, 'A black horse? Well, I have one here... well two, but neither would fit your description.'
Mumma deposits some money in the pot as well
Indrala sighs
Indrala turns to leave
Eryngil shakes her head at her reluctance and replies in passable Sindarin. "Please take these coins for a chance to talk of the Eldar Days."
Eryngil bows deeply before Musickiell.
Musickiell nods, <S> Thank you, new friend.'
Eryngil bows again to the noble lady. <s>A star shines on our meeting.
You say, 'Shall we adjourn to the outside?'
Adrie chuckles softly. '<S> I should speak Sindarin more often. I was taught it properly. I know how horse care can get. I left you ten gold for the work.'
Eryngil says, 'Come along, dear. Let's see what the night holds for us.'
Bainith nods.
You say, '<S> Thank you. It will do some good.;'
Adrie gives Musickiell a polite curtsey.
Eryngil waves to Musickiell.
Mumma waves to Eryngil.
Mumma waves to Adrie.
Adrie waves to Musickiell.
Adrie waves to Mumma.
Musickiell looks to Mumma, 'Is there anything you need, maybe some of my mushrooms?'
Mumma says, 'That would be nice'
Musickiell moves over and gathers some into a bag she whips out of who knows where.
Musickiell brings the bag to Mumma, 'Also if you need to, you may rest here if needed.'
Mumma says, 'Thank you, dear. I'm gonna see what those scamps out front are doing'
Musickiell nods, 'Let us go together.
Indrala leans against her.
Bandoras sees Musickiell... "Be riht back!"
Bandoras starts flirting with Musickiell.
Musickiell smiles, 'Yes?'
Geonwulf says, 'Oh boy.'
Bandoras says, 'Look.'
Mumma says, 'What're you scamps doing out here?'
Bainith coughs. "You tried that one already..."
Bandoras says, 'Serious talk.'
Indrala says, 'I've missed you.'
Musickiell raises a brow, 'Yes?'
Firiun-1 says, 'I've missed you!'
Bainith says, '...scamping?'
Bandoras says, 'You've got a hobbit sized bed and a bear skin rug inside. We havin' a private afterparty?'
Firiun-1 says, 'Any good hits lately?'
Musickiell smirks, 'I am, but not with you.'
Indrala smirks at teh little one, so desperately trying to get laid.
Mumma says, 'She's got an iron brazier too, lad'
Bandoras says, 'Oh. Group fun?'
Bainith smacks himself in the forehead.
Bandoras says, 'I can share.'
Musickiell sighs, 'I also have a hammer, would you like me to demonstrate how I use it?'
Indrala eyes the hobbits finery searching for his coinpurse.
Mumma says, 'Careful she doesen't drop a hot coal down the seat o' yer trousers'
Bandoras says, 'We've all got tools sweetheart, and I can drill you all night long.'
Bandoras winks at Musickiell. Interesting.
Bainith says, 'Uh... too far, Mister Fortunefoot. Too far.'
Bandoras says, 'Ya think so?'
Indrala holds back a giggle
Bainith says, 'Definitely.'
Geonwulf says, 'Oh, oh boy.'
Musickiell stares at him with a straight face, 'I can do the same, want to try it out?'
Bandoras says, 'I go first?'
Bainith starts to check his satchel for bandages. "I have seen her backhand with a frying pan, sir... not pretty. Will most certainly damage your hat."
Bandoras says, 'Oh.'
Geonwulf laughs.
Bandoras says, 'Well damn.'
Firiun-1 smirks.
Indrala laughs
Bainith says, 'Indeed, sir.'
Firiun-1 says, 'M'lady arrived just in time for some entertainment, it seems.'
Musickiell begins to smile dangerously, 'I happen to have a frying pan, somewhere around here...'
Bandoras says, 'Tell you what, Lady of the Healing Steed - how about we make it rain check?'
Musickiell frowns, 'Are you sure?'
Bandoras says, 'Depends...'
Musickiell suddenly pulls out a frying pan, from some unknown place. 'Yes?'
Bandoras says, 'You gonna make me Second Breakfast with that frying pan or will you be too tired?'
Firiun-1 facepalms. "I suppose he truly isn't a coward...though he will be after this..."
Geonwulf giggles uncontrollably.
Mumma says, 'Make him better his own biscuit'
Indrala nods, "I think I should go home with him."
Mumma says, 'Butter'
Mumma laughs.
Firiun-1 raises a brow at Indrala, then catches her meaning and laughs. "Perhaps we both should."
Indrala smiles deviously
Indrala says, 'aye.'
Geonwulf is calm.
Bainith looks over his shoulder, keeping an eye and ear on the entire situation.
Musickiell begins to expertly spin the pan with one hand, the gleam in her eye starting to change.
Bandoras says, 'You break the eggs, doll. I'll keep breaking hearts. In the mean time, I'll send you a quick post and you get back to me when you're ready to put that Hobbit Lovin' room to work.'
Bandoras starts flirting with Musickiell.
Indrala beckons to him "Master hobbit?
Bandoras says, 'S'up, doll?'
Geonwulf says, 'How was the breakfast?'
Musickiell rolls her eyes and places the pan back in her bags.
Bainith calls out, "Mumma? I might be home late tonight... if at all..."
Indrala smiles, "What brings you here?"
Indrala sits with Firiun-1.
Bandoras says, 'Well, judging by how fine you look I'd say it was good fortune.'
Indrala plucks a few flowers absentmindedly
Mumma says, 'Oooh, this is more scandalous than that shirtless bounders painted calendar Mabelyne gave me'
Geonwulf says, 'Oh boy.'
Bandoras says, 'Hold on...'
Bainith says, 'Do you think you can make it back to our rooms at the Prancing Pony without me later?'
Indrala smiles sweetly
Bandoras looks at Mumma. "Shirtless what, huh?"
Mumma says, 'I got rid of it, of course'
Indrala begins to plait the flowers
Bandoras says, 'Oh. Do you know the printer? I could be Mister Februrary."'
Firiun-1 mutters about roots showing.
Mumma says, 'You.....aBounder?'
Bainith looks confused. "You never got rid of it... you just gave it to m..." He snaps his mouth shut.
Bandoras says, 'Oh yeah.'
Geonwulf says, 'To Indrala: (whsipering) You seriously aren't in love with him, right?'
Bandoras says, 'Why would you want it?'
Mumma winks at bainith
Indrala tilts her head, "He intrigues me."
Bandoras looks over at Geonwulf. "She is, she just doesn't know it yet."
Geonwulf says, 'Know what?'
Bandoras says, 'Nevermind.'
Bandoras says, 'Bainith. Anyway.'
Geonwulf says, 'Ohhh.'
Bainith fusses with his pipe, cheeks crimson.
Bandoras says, 'Look, I know this nice girl.'
Bandoras says, 'Works at the Ivy Bush.'
Indrala rolls her eyes, as the crown of flowers grows longer
Bandoras says, 'Name's Cotton.'
Musickiell blinks, unsure now of what is going on, she decides to move over to the fence whistling for Artorious. After a moment, she realizes he is not in the paddock, 'Oh no... Firiun!'
Firiun-1 looks over to Musickiel, puzzled.
Bandoras says, 'Hey Horse Healer...'
Bandoras says, 'I'll SEE you in your dreams tonight.'
Firiun-1 walks up to Bandoras, and grabs for his hat again.
Bainith sighs and shrugs. "Yeah?" He looks down at Bandoras. "Does she have a brother?"
You say, 'Firiun, would you happen to know where your mare is?'
Bandoras ducks this time.
Bandoras says, 'Snowy...'
Bandoras says, 'The hat is part of the mystery.'
Firiun-1 smiles. "Coy. Not eager."
Mumma wonders if Miss Musickiell needs a Marchwarden calender
Bandoras says, 'Working on it.'
Firiun-1 laughs. "Well I surely know the answer to that riddle, now!"
Indrala begins to finish braiding the crown together.
Firiun-1 turns to Musickiel. "I do not know."
Indrala offers it to Firiun
Mumma muses that there are all sorts of things at the Mathom House
Bandoras says, 'So, Mrs. Proudfoot. Seriously, these calender guys hiring?'
Musickiell face shows worry, 'Well... Artorious is not in the paddock...'
Bandoras flexes mightily before Mumma.
Mumma says, 'While you need to look up Mrs Mabelyne Prounfoot o're at the Mathom House'
Firiun-1 starts to wonder if Bandoras isn't interested in the calendar part at all.
Indrala eyes the small muscles
Mumma says, 'Well*'
Bandoras says, 'I'll check.'
Firiun-1 looks to Musickiel. "Perhaps they'll be back soon?"
Bandoras says, 'Ruby over there, she likes me.'
Indrala blushes
Mumma says, 'She's a flirt'
Bandoras says, 'So am I.'
Musickiell sighs, 'I'll be back...'
Bandoras says, 'How YOU doin'?'
Bandoras starts flirting with Gilanora.
Firiun-1 nods to Musickiel.
Mumma says, 'Does she get you to sell her mathoms at a discount?'
Indrala takes off her hood, sliding it back onto her shoulders
Firiun-1 laughs.
Musickiell comes walking back holding each horses harness. Both steeds looking ragged and sweaty, anyone could tell what had transpired.
Bandoras says, 'Hush you.'
Bandoras says, 'Not helping.'
Bainith says, 'She is correct, though...'
Bainith says, 'Not sure on that last part... but...'
Bandoras says, 'Hey! I've gotten that far!'
Bainith shrugs.
Firiun-1 smiles at Musickiel. "I'll let you know if she gets a foal out of it. Sorry for the trouble."
Indrala tousles the feather on his cap
Bandoras says, 'Oh, you mean about the older lady.'
Bainith says, '...sure.'
Bandoras says, 'Khoi.'
Indrala smiles again
Musickiell sighs, 'Alright then...'
Firiun-1 leads her horse into the paddock.
Bandoras says, 'So... perhaps we can go talk somewhere?'
Bandoras says, 'Excellent.'
Mumma muses to herself 'I'm as firm as helen Mirren'
Firiun-1 says, 'M'lday, would you like me to accompany you?'
Bainith says, 'There is always the Pony.'
Musickiell follows with Artorious, 'No point in separating them now.'
Bandoras looks at Firiun. His face deadpan. "No."
Bandoras says, 'Ms. Mirren is a trollop.'
Indrala puts a little
Bandoras says, 'Don't compare yourself to her.'
Indrala says, 'But...'
Bandoras says, 'A friend?'
Bandoras says, 'Sure.'
Bainith bites his lip and glances around. "Could you all excuse Mister Fortunefoot and I for a moment?"
Bandoras says, 'There's more than enouh Fortunefoot to go ar.... I'm working here, Blondie!'
Bainith tugs on Bandoras' cape.
Bainith says, 'Yeah, and you are not the only one...'
Bandoras follows him.
Indrala says, 'wonderful'
Musickiell mutters to herself, 'Seems to me a we have a trollop on the property too.'
Bainith ducks behind the well, but peers out. "So, here is the thing..."
Bandoras sighs, exasperated. "What?"
Mumma says, 'Trollop? The fella in red's a would-be man-whore'
Firiun-1 says, 'Give him some credit, he's only a whore if he *gets* somewhere.'
Mumma says, 'I said 'woulb-be''
Indrala laughs.
Bainith sighs. "So, no... no. But what would happen if, say, ANOTHER lady, better than either of them comes along? You need someone to keep them distracted, right? In case that would not pan out."
Bandoras blinks. "I don't follow."
You say, 'True, Firiun, very true.'
Bainith almost chokes on the words.
Bandoras purses his lips awkwardly, "Bainith, I'm flattered - but... I'm into the ladies. Just the ladies."
You say, 'Excuse me a moment.'
Firiun-1 nods to Musickiel.
Bainith smacks his head.
Mumma looks at Firi
Indrala stands with a smile, "are we going?"
Bandoras says, 'You like dudes, don't you?'
Musickiell returns to the group, 'Has everything been resolved?'
Bainith looks down. "Most of the time, yes."
Bandoras says, 'Oh,'
Bandoras says, 'That's cool.'
Bandoras says, 'You.'
Bandoras points at Geonwulf.
Geonwulf says, 'What?'
Bandoras says, 'Have you met my friend Bainith?'
Bainith says, 'Wha... no. Mister Fortunefoot, no.'
Firiun-1 facepalms.
Indrala places a hand on his shoulder, "So where will we go?"
Mumma scolds Bandoras.
Bandoras slides her hand off.
Geonwulf says, 'Well, no?'
Bainith waves his hands in front of him. "No, Mister Fortunefoot."
Bandoras says, 'Listen doll.'
Bandoras says, 'I'm coy.'
Bandoras says, 'I don't jut give it up.'
Bainith smacks his forehead.
Indrala tilts her head, "Coy?"
Bandoras says, 'Coy.'
Bandoras says, 'You, tall guy in the helmet, c'mere.'
Musickiell looks over at Bainith, 'You dug that hole...'
Indrala nods, "Coy"
Mumma says, 'Coys a fish, boy'
Bandoras says, 'What's your name again?'
Bainith gives Bandoras a warning look.
Geonwulf says, 'Geonwulf.'
Bainith shakes his head at the Hobbit.
Bandoras says, 'Geo, Bainith. Bainith, Geo.'
Geonwulf says, 'Pleasure.'
Bandoras says, 'Bainith is at the horse hospital, because he's he's hung like one. I'll leave you to it.'
Bainith sighs at Bandoras, then bows to Geonwulf. "Nice to meet you."
Bandoras says, 'Now, Khoi.'
Bainith says, 'What? N--- I mean... I... Mister Fortunefoot! Honestly!'
Indrala says, 'hmmm?'
Firiun-1 says, 'You don't even know what 'coy' means, do you?'
Geonwulf says, 'Shall I accompany you guys? Just in case there's trouble.'
Bandoras says, 'Sure I do. Let me work.'
Bainith looks apologetically at Geonwulf. "I do apologize," he whispers.
Mumma winds up a kick for Band's arse
Geonwulf says, 'No that's alright.'
Indrala says, 'OH, Sir! look out.'
Bandoras is oblivious to the impendin arse kicking
Bandoras whirls around.
Mumma steps back & bides her time
Bandoras says, 'What?'
Geonwulf says, 'Shall I accompany you guys? Just in case there's trouble.'
Mumma whistles innocently with a livid look on her face
Indrala you moved in time.
Bandoras says, 'I'm clever.'
Firiun-1 chuckles.
Bandoras says, 'Now, Khoi.'
Indrala says, 'Sir?'
Bandoras says, 'How do I know you aren't just after me for my amazing hat?'
Geonwulf says, 'Shall I accompany you guys? Just in case there's trouble.'
Firiun-1 raises a brow at Geonwulf. "Us? Who?"
Indrala blushes again, "I'll admit, it was what first attracted me to you."
Bainith says, 'Uh... I... there probably will be trouble with how this is going.'
Bandoras says, 'Sweetheart, there's a lot more to me than a feather in the cap.'
Indrala says, 'I have noticed.'
Firiun-1 reaches over to try and pluck a feather from Bandoras' hat.
Geonwulf says, 'Well, you guys!'
Bandoras ducks, again. "Leave it alone!"
Bandoras ducks.
Musickiell sighs, looking at the sun, 'I do apologize, you are all welcome to stay, however I have an appointment in Bree town.'
Indrala whispers, "I saw you flexing."
Bandoras says, 'Hard not to notice.'
Firiun-1 laughs, and turns back to Geonwulf. "I don't know if we're going anywhere yet, sir. That's all up to Red here."
Bandoras says, 'Me? Why me?'
Geonwulf says, 'Well?'
Indrala says, 'So, where will we be going tonight?'
Firiun-1 winks down at Bandoras. "You haven't figured it out?"
Indrala says, 'Or do you prefer to stand and talk in the chill?'
Bandoras says, 'WE aren't going anywhere, Khoi. Bainith said to watch my six. And given that you're the only one whose taken me seriously, something is seriously off kilter.'
Musickiell shrugs at the others and just moves to the paddock. After leading Artorious out, she heaves his saddle off the fence and onto his back.
Indrala shrugs, "Very well."
Indrala turnsback to Firi
Bandoras says, 'So Geo.'
Bandoras says, 'Did you notice how manly Bainith looks?'
Bainith suddenly looks like a deer at the end of a hunter's arrow.
Bandoras says, 'He's like something out of the Elder Days. A living legend even.'
Geonwulf says, 'Well... I'm manly, am I?'
Bainith says, 'No, no, not really, just a Shire elf... I hardly wear shoes.'
Bandoras says, 'You're both manly.'
Bandoras says, 'You should be manly together.'
Musickiell mounts the large horse gracefully, sitting in the saddle nicely.
Geonwulf says, 'Beg your pardon?'
Bainith says, 'Mister Fortunefoot, perhaps you would like to take a visit to the Prancing Pony?'
Bandoras puts his finger in his hand. "You know."
Geonwulf says, 'Ohhhh.'
Indrala speaks loud enough to be heard, "Too bad, I've never been with a hobbit before. Especially not a fancy one."
Geonwulf says, 'I see.'
Bandoras winks at Indrala. Interesting.
Bandoras says, 'Coy.'
Mumma says, 'Don't harass this young warrior, you fop!'
Indrala says, 'hmm?'
Bainith groans and shakes his head. "No, Mister Fortunefoot," he sighs.
Bandoras says, 'I'm not harrassing him.'
Bandoras says, 'Oh.'
Bandoras says, 'OK.'
Geonwulf says, 'We both accompany you. Fantastic idea.'
Bandoras looks at Bainith.
Bandoras says, 'I tried, bro.'
Bandoras says, 'No.'
Musickiell sighs at the party that has gone off completely off topic. She nods to whoever is paying attention and then nudges her horse down the lane.
Bandoras says, 'You, Bainith, a candle lit dinner at the Pony. Lots of booze an questionable choices.'
Bainith glances up. "Sure. We can all go to Bree."
Mumma says, 'Would you like to see a [Stout Yew Bow]repurposed to a switch?'
Firiun-1 says, 'I guess he's trading one threesome for another. Huh, didn't think he swung that way.'
Bainith says, 'No... nope, going back in the wrong direction, Mister Fortunefoot.'
Indrala giggles
Geonwulf says, 'Great idea, Bain.'
Bandoras says, 'Yeah!'
Mumma cheers at Musickiell.
Bandoras says, 'You guys head to the Pony.'
Geonwulf says, 'Now?'
Bainith blinks.
Bandoras says, 'Oh, better yet!'
Musickiell gives a sad look over shoulder at Mumma before continuing on her way.
Firiun-1 laughs.
Bandoras looks at Indrala. "You're not wrong."
Bainith stands stunned. "But..."
Bainith covers his face with both hands.
Lyndrad does a flip!
Miazine kisses Lyndrad.
Miazine begins dancing with Lyndrad.
Lyndrad begins dancing around like a man.
I believe in music, the way some people believe in fairy tales. - August Rush
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