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#3881081 Feb 06, 2011 at 02:12 AM
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Greetings, all!

As you clearly have noticed, we've made a new guild website. With Ana on his extended absence, it was difficult to manage the old site, as we had no admin powers to modify news threads or front page items with.

Therefore, we're relocating to a new page. It's a bit different, I admit, but I hope we'll enjoy it here. Any suggestions are welcome.

And please, remember to bookmark this page and visit often. We'll be using the website to organize events and keep in touch.

Also, if you have any interest, we have a facebook group:!/group.php?gid=165894926759241&v=wall

Namárië, and I look forward to seeing you in-game,
"Children of Arda: Raping your farmlands in-character since September 2010."
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