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As some of you noticed due to the lol-tastic RP, a few members have left recently. There was an in-character fight, and tensions ran high, and Eledu and Gwyndir left to start their own kin, "Something Awesome".

This is our sister-kin now. No, it is not open for new members, and there won't be a mass exodus. Thing is, Zhie and I were planning for a while to make a sister kin so that Bandoras could have a hobbit kinhouse without us having to leave the elf house we have now. Something Awesome just offered the perfect, in-character excuse.

Only a few alts will be joining, just enough to keep the kin alive (a minimum of 8 members is needed in a kinship).

So that we can all keep in touch, though, we're reviving Arda chat. Check the MotD for the /joinchannel command that will get you into a new custom chatroom.

To type in it, type /1 before your words (unless you've joined other custom rooms, and then arda might be /2 or /3.) It also helps to right-click the chat-tab, and choose 'Change text colors' and set Arda chat to something unique. That way, if you set Arda to be bright yellow, and then you see
[Arda] Gwyndir: Hello!
when you type /1 your text will turn to the same bright yellow, and you'll know you got it.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask an officer (or one of our many alts). And next time you see Something Awesome, don't leave us hangin'.
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