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[Pinned] Kin events
Guild News

[Pinned] Kin events

Happy Autumn, Children! I hope everyone remembered Daylight Savings Time and set their clocks appropriately. :)In the spirit of holidays and getting together and spending time with friends and family, I'm thinking it's about time we start organizi...
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Guild News

Update on Transfers

Greetings, CoA! I'll try to make this brief:World Consolodation has begun. To that end, we are beginning migration to the other servers.The cottage of lost play & Magic Kingdom kinships have already been moved to Landroval. Children of Arda...
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Guild News

Updates for 2015

Good day to you!We've had a little shift about on management, but generally our purpose stays the same. Fun and frolic, and a little of fighting of the evil of Middle-earth in the middle of that.Please check out the latest planned adventure to Mo...
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Guild News

Upcoming Anniversary

In less than two weeks, Children of Arda will be three years old! It just so happens our friends over at Rising Force are younger than us by only ten days. If you divide that number by two and convert it to a day of the week, that just about get...
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Guild News

Site Updates and Announcements

Couple of recent changes to the site....First, welcome to the new officers of CoA, Ellonur and Baythul. Ellonur is a transfer back from our sister kins, and Baythul has been recently promoted. Congrats!We also have an officer retirement; Bandoras ...
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Guild News


We're getting quite an influx of new people lately! Kudos to Miss Zhie for her hard work on forum advertising and bringing in a ton of new, wonderful RPers and people. :) I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you.That said, I'd ...
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Guild News

Something Awesome

As some of you noticed due to the lol-tastic RP, a few members have left recently. There was an in-character fight, and tensions ran high, and Eledu and Gwyndir left to start their own kin, "Something Awesome".This is our sister-kin now. No, it ...
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Guild News

Kin Charter

A kin charter has been added. Please be sure to read it! Thanks!
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Guild News

Looking for new members!

As always, CoA is looking to expand its ranks and meet new RPers. In this interest, I've added a thread to the General Discussion forum with pre-approved advertisements and suggestions for advertising us in chats while you're exploring Middle Eart...
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Guild News

Guild Rules Added

Someone asked about this previously, so here they are. Short and sweet, because we're here to have fun, not run an empire.But if you're curious about our policy or expectations, here's what we've got.
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Guild News

New website!

Greetings, all!As you clearly have noticed, we've made a new guild website. With Ana on his extended absence, it was difficult to manage the old site, as we had no admin powers to modify news threads or front page items with.Therefore, we're relo...
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