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Related to the marriage of Bandoras and Yucca.
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In-game event planning
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Since we can't sticky a post for that forum, this will be the 'defacto' sticky. Please do not add to this forum if you are posting Fanfiction; this is only to keep the guide that links to all of the pieces, in Chronological order and by topic.
For any RP-related talk.
A forum for LotRO-related fanfic written by our fabulous guildies.
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[Pinned] How to Role-Play 101

So I've been noticing we're getting more and more new RPers in the kin. :) Which is awesome. I realize that it can be intimidating to first get into RP. Especially when you're in a group that's been together long enough that they seem to ping po...
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[Pinned] Role-Play Rules and Guidelines

This should all be pretty self-explanatory, but here goes.What this is:This is where all role-playing and role-play related things go. Ideas for events, suggestions for the kin's role-playing aspect, questions about role-playing; all of that goes...
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Isbothad's Rescue from Isengard

Isbothad "Dantes" Felagund was captured and taken Prisoner inside Orthanc. He was Prisoner there for several weeks until his Lindethiel and Bandoras heard of his imprisonment and came to rescue you him. [Fellowship] Lindethiel: Lindethiel ducks of...
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Alt ideas

So, I wanted to start working on ideas for alts. I'm considering making my alts all Bandoras's family and thus explaining the Shared Storage.However, I am also considering making an elf Lore Master who is a Jeweler. He was going to be very old, ha...
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