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[Pinned] Songs Unsung - Gathering of Adventurers

At EC there's a Songs Unsung quest posted - would like to gather a group from CoA to partake in the quest. If you are interested in this adventure, leave your thoughts o...
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Eledu0561Member avatar small Eledu 3y

[EVENT] Imladris Revelries, a weekly RP gathering

There is an inn, a merry old innbeneath an old grey hill,And there they brew a beer so brownThat the Man in the Moon himself came downone night to drink his fill.In these darkening days, when the shadow from the East seems to stretch to touch the ...
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Ellonur133342Small Ellonur 5y

[EVENT] Superb Steed Soiree

The Children of Arda would like to invite the most fashion-conscious members of the Free Peoples to take part in their Superb Steed Soiree!Whether you are a dwarf eager to show off your mithril armor together with the silky grey coat of your goat,...
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Ellonur1418Small Ellonur 5y

The Assassins of Bree-town

To arms, Children! We ride to war!As many of you have already experienced, there has been a killer on the loose in Bree. This thread is to keep everyone up-to-date on happenings, though I do request that your characters come find officers in-game ...
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Helegwen5807Small Ellonur 5y

Turuhalmë Exchange (Secret Santa!)

Alrighty, Children, let's get down to the most important thing about holidays: awesome presents.Culgondrian had the brilliant idea of a gift exchange RP event, and the decision was unanimous: Yes! I've done some browsing online to make things as s...
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Helegwen3636Small Helegwen 6y

Summer Fun 2012: Marvelous Masquerade

The Children of Arda would like to invite all members of the Free People to a Masked Ball, which will be hosted in Falathlorn, Lant Veren neighbourhood, outside 5 Waterbank Road, from 6-8pm servertime. Please be aware that this is an RP event!You ...
Small Ellonur 6y
Ellonur3614Small Helegwen 6y

The Son of Felugund invites you to a Party! :)

I would like to host a RP event at Isbothad's house at 1 Brookbank street Clapfoot Shire homesteads was thinking either Saturday or Friday on firday between 5pm cent till 12pm cent is when i would be able to attend. Saturday would be after 7am ce...
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Isbothad7722Small Isbothad 7y

Skirms and Instances

I'd like to get back to running these a bit more frequently for the lvl 20 - 60 crowd (you 65+ers are all in Isengard by now...) That being said, is anyone interested in more structured planning of skirms or instances. (Already know that Vollsta...
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Zhie (Bainith)2288Small Isbothad 7y

Something Awesome invites you to something awesome!

Something Awesome invites you to a whiskeyfishing competition!The winner will be the person who, at the end of the competition, has caught the most total pounds of whiskeyfish! \o/They will win... uhm, something awesome! \o/ (Not Something Awesome...
Small Eledu 7y
Eledu2307Small Ellonur 7y

Tarnin Austa/ Gates of Summer

Inspired by the emoting in the instance last night, I had a thought on Gates of Summer. What if, instead of a 'everyone sit quiet and be all elf-like' in Rivendell, we do a reenactment of the fall of gondolin on either the methel-stage (south of ...
Small Zhie (Bainith) 7y
Zhie (Bainith)4570Small Skaldrin 7y

Skirms/Instances - May 2011

Thinking about running something this weekend, Friday late afternoon or evening or Saturday afternoon or evening. Thinking of running something around lvl 45-50 with Zhie, and also something lower level 20-22 with Bainith or Valarda. I think it ...
Small Zhie (Bainith) 7y
Zhie (Bainith)9813Small Zhie (Bainith) 7y
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