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Zhie (Bainith) / Apr 18, 2011
Children of Arda is a fun and active, easy-going role play kin. While we are registered as an Elf-kin, our previous kin-leader was a hobbit (go figure) and we accept all races and classes. The following rules have been established in order to keep peace and harmony within the kin.

1.We're a very social kin, and all about chatting with each other, both in role play and in our ooc chat (both kin chat and Arda chat). However, please remember to RESPECT other kinmates and alliance kinmates.

If you're finding that you're adding 'no offense' to the end of a sentence, it's probably something to avoid saying. Also, if you think you need to warn or apologize? Probably not good, either.

Negative comments regarding religion, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic origin, or disabilities should be avoided.

2. All Role Play events are optional. Everyone has lives outside of the kin (we hope), and it is not expected that everyone will attend every event. That being said, we are an RP kin, so some amount of role play is expected from time to time.

3. When RPing, remember that we are in Middle-earth. While we do bend canon from time to time, we try not to break it. Complete and coherent sentences are a must. lols r not cool, kthnx.

4. There is a fourteen-day 'trial period'. If at the end of those fourteen-days either party (the member or the kin admin) decide that either the kin isn't a good fit for the member, or the member not a good fit for the kin, they will part ways. This will not prevent the member from reapplying to the kin in the future (unless some other offense has occurred -- see section six).

5. If an offense is made, the following explains the course of action that will be followed:

First Offense: A warning from the kin leader or an officer, via a letter.

Second Offense: A discussion of the current offense and former offense with the kin leader or an officer.

Third Offense: A one-week suspension from the kin. This will be followed by a discussion with the kin leader or an officer. A determination will be made by the kin leader and officers at that time as to whether or not to allow readmittance.

Fourth Offense: Immediate removal from the kin. A letter explaining the reason(s) for removal will follow.

In extreme cases, or during the first fourteen-days, if the kin leader and all officers unanimously agree that an offense was irreconcilable, then immediate removal will occur.

No matter what, if you have a question or concern, feel free to approach the kin leader or an officer. Don't worry, you only have a fifty-fifty chance of ending up dragged into a conversation about Glorfindel.

Anariel, Einior of the Children
Helegwen, Tûr of the Children
Zhie, Caun of the Children
Ellonur, Caun of the Children
Grimdan, Caun of the Children
Ranthorn, Caun of the Children
Helegwen / Mar 02, 2011
As always, CoA is looking to expand its ranks and meet new RPers. In this interest, I've added a thread to the General Discussion forum with pre-approved advertisements and suggestions for advertising us in chats while you're exploring Middle Earth.

Keep in mind we're an RP-kin first, and everything else second. It's come up a few times before where we have a great friend we'd love to play with, but they don't care for RP. As much as I'd love to meet your friend, we can't invite them into CoA.

Also, all potential members need to speak with an officer before joining so we can make sure they're a good fit for us. So if you find someone who seems like a good fit, tell an officer or (if none are online at the time) mail someone about the person and let them know we'll get back ASAP.

Thanks, guys. :) <insert motivational comment about making this guild awesome together here>