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Looking for new members!

Helegwen / Mar 02, 2011
As always, CoA is looking to expand its ranks and meet new RPers. In this interest, I've added a thread to the General Discussion forum with pre-approved advertisements and suggestions for advertising us in chats while you're exploring Middle Earth.

Keep in mind we're an RP-kin first, and everything else second. It's come up a few times before where we have a great friend we'd love to play with, but they don't care for RP. As much as I'd love to meet your friend, we can't invite them into CoA.

Also, all potential members need to speak with an officer before joining so we can make sure they're a good fit for us. So if you find someone who seems like a good fit, tell an officer or (if none are online at the time) mail someone about the person and let them know we'll get back ASAP.

Thanks, guys. :) <insert motivational comment about making this guild awesome together here>


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