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(Dec 30, 2015)
New fanfic archive is set up on AO3! Please feel free to repost your stories there (and to post new ones as well!)
(Dec 04, 2015)
Move to Landy is complete - look for the kinship 'Children of Arda of Imladris'
(Aug 03, 2015)
Info on world closures - we will be moving to Landroval -
(Mar 10, 2015)
(Feb 16, 2015)
Back to Middle-earth Month is coming up!
(Feb 10, 2015)
Updating the site... do we have a motto besides 'adventure!' and 'i like pies'?
(Feb 09, 2015)
Check out the wiki page - - and if you have info to add, go for it!
(Sep 20, 2013)
(Sep 10, 2013)
Happy 3rd Birthday, CoA!
(Sep 04, 2013)
LOTRO Farmer's Faire is scheduled to start tomorrow and run through September 18th
(Sep 02, 2013)
Going to play Orcs vs. Elves!
(Sep 02, 2013)
;_; i so sorry
(Sep 02, 2013)
I knew the answer! It didn't last long it was like 2 second trivia!
(Sep 02, 2013)
I added a new poll and trivia, but I fear that won't keep us entertained through the outage ;_;
(Sep 01, 2013)
*wants to party!*
(Sep 01, 2013)
stupid turbine