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(Jun 17, 2012)
(Jun 17, 2012)
(Jun 17, 2012)
Let's not use profanity on the shoutbox, please. Especially random and unnecessary profanity. kthx. c:
(Jun 07, 2012)
Fuck the police
(Mar 20, 2012)
Gardenea's father ended up in the hospital last night.. please send good vibes and prayers to her
(Mar 12, 2012)
Update Servers are online. Offical patch notes are here.,_Shores_of_the_Great_River,_Official
(Feb 24, 2012)
Guess who won the LOTRO Screenshot contest? \o/ Free blackberry ale for everyone tomorrow!
(Feb 22, 2012)
According to Sapience, the Treasure Hunt will be back in a few days! (that is what today's hotfix was for). :D
(Feb 14, 2012)
Use up those picks! Today is the last day to enjoy the Treasure Hunt.
(Feb 13, 2012)
The Treasure Hunt event has started! \o/
(Feb 09, 2012)
Fashion Week in LOtro - I think tey made this one just for me! ;)
(Feb 07, 2012)
All month long the LOTRO Lottery will feature store exclusive mounts and festival mounts. Mount Lotteries start today and there will be at least two lotteries per day (more on weekends!), all month long! \o/
(Feb 06, 2012)
Servers continue to be down for the update -- guess we'll have to party here this afternoon?
(Feb 02, 2012)
Congrats to our newest officer, Baythul!
(Jan 25, 2012) NEW EXPANSION this fall! \o/
(Jan 13, 2012)
there's a lottery running for the Steed of the Runekeeper! *flails*
(Jan 13, 2012)
Anyone interested in some craft mat farming tonight? The magistrate needs more wood... ;) (Vollstag's coming along for ore, but that doesn't mean foresters and prospectors can't also come along ^_^)
(Jan 02, 2012)
Tomorrow is Tolkien's Birthday Toast! 9pm your local time -- RP 8pm server time, 9pm toast time -- Bird & Baby in Michel Delving.