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(Jan 01, 2012)
if anyone of CoA is ever on Landorval server and you see Featar,Filfo, Felost or Fulat give me a shout
(Dec 23, 2011)
Oops, I missed the poking. :( *scatters more petals*
(Dec 22, 2011)
*pokes ellonur in the chat window*
(Dec 22, 2011)
We'll miss you Isby *hugs*
(Dec 19, 2011)
Farewell I leave ye all for the Landorval server can get way more RP there
(Dec 19, 2011)
(ps - I can probably sweet talk a lvl 75 dwarf into coming with us ;)
(Dec 19, 2011)
Just realized I haven't leveled Zhie since.. wait for it.. August - anyone up for some 50-ish skirms or instances later tonight?
(Dec 09, 2011)
FYI Altaholics: today's special in the lotro store is 30% off character slots
(Dec 08, 2011)
Update 5: Armies of Isengard launches Monday December 12. The Yule Festival is coming Dec 20! \o/
(Dec 06, 2011)
Possible page hunting again tonight for those looking for pages/hunting for riv. rep. -- Bitter Stair (Misty Mtns.) - anyone interested?
(Nov 30, 2011)
okay it shall be in at Esteldin on Saturday before the SNS and I shall bring Thafled for page hunting today \o/
(Nov 30, 2011)
Page hunting/rep hunting/general hunting party tonight in Angmar -- 8:00pm CST, meet up at Esteldin @ 8:00pm to ride to Ram Duath (Earthkin village) by 8:20pm; heading out to kill stuff @ 8:30pm
(Nov 30, 2011)
I would probably be more inclined to be able to make it before SNS
(Nov 28, 2011)
since my Birthday is this Sunday I would like to have a RP party when would the best day for it be? Saturday before the SNS? or Monday?
(Nov 23, 2011)
Isengard Expansion Quests 50% off in LOTRO store on Friday
(Nov 18, 2011)
Oh no, Ell currently has a lovely rose-colored tunic outfit he wants to show off... :D
(Nov 18, 2011)
you beat me to it! We totally need to wander Bree with the guys all dolled up (er, well... wait. that just encouraged Ellonur to wear the dress, didn't it?)
(Nov 18, 2011)
The Fashion Maven will be back this weekend! \o/
(Nov 18, 2011)
I'd love to do some instances or skirms - I haven't really seen more than GB so far